On March 24, 1982, Manuel Alberto de Oliveira Souza gathers some friends and family at a dinner that marks the official foundation of the Truth Seekers. The main objective of this group is to find the true essence of all people, through an eye exam, which they believe to be the mirror of the soul, which will allow the person who knows how to take the exam to know the other better than themselves. The reason why they intend to do this remains unknown. In police investigations that were made since 2002 it turned out that several people missing at different times in the 1990s had links to this group. Also, a small number of members had ties to extremist groups, but nothing seems to indicate influence or interests. One of the missing persons is said to be Ana Luzia Mendes Souza, wife of Manuel Alberto. Although in the initial reports there was talk of the possibility of Ana Luzia had disappeared on one of the trips that the couple often took, later the suspicions lead to believe that it was in Portugal, near the house where they lived. Manuel Alberto de Oliveira Souza died on April 2, 2008, did not leave descendants, left no inheritances, left no assets. The missing persons cases were archived in the months that followed.
a photographic project by Miguel De
with pictures from family archives