In November 1992, NASA released an album with sounds from space, magnetic waves and vibrations captured by Voyager, later converted into sound, a satisfaction of curiosity for what exists beyond the Earth (Symphonies of the Planets). Also in November 1992 I was born. There is no evident connection between these two events: when I was born I wasn't even aware of myself, let alone the vast universe! But today, at a time when we are questioning the status quo, when we challenge what it has always been, when we come out for what we are, when the urge to exist is at the top of our minds, amidst paralyzing viruses, protests over social reforms, the threat of climate change, the bubble of uncertainty is felt. What is tomorrow? Who will I be tomorrow? Therefore, I look at my genesis and the infinite existence of space and from its sounds, I build mine, in a permanent dialogue between what was and what is, in an attempt to unveil what will be.
2020 | MUSIC | 20:00
creation and performance: Miguel De
images from "The Tree of Life" and "Voyage of Time," by Terrence Malick, for illustration purposes
support: ACTUM – Convocatória Aberta de Projectos Artísticos 2020, Município de Braga
thanks: Daniel Seabra, Alex Barone, Nuno Moreira, Erva Daninha, Projeção Multimédia